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Lace Front

A great hair option, this system allows a woman to always have perfect hair. The hairpiece is applied with an adhesive that totally disappears and will last up to a month of wearing. The lace front unit itself will last 2 years. Upkeep and maintenance will need to be done around the lace hairline area.

During your consultation, we will take a hair sample and do a measurement at the same time. The hair we use is 100% Remi hair (cuticle hair). This unit can be shampooed while wearing. This is also a wonderful option for chemotherapy patients and alopecia patients. Get weekly or monthly attachments. This gives your hair a very natural appearance with French lace hairline. The lace front is cut back to the hairline to give it a visible natural hairline prior to attaching your hair system. Many celebrities already wear this including Beyonce', Mary J. Blige, and Tyra Banks.

Hair Replacement Images

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Lace Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement Images

Closures & Integration Systems

This total hair replacement system is for extreme hair loss clients, such as alopecia or burn victims. This system is applied with an adhesive that lasts with shampooing, swimming, and styling at home. Because this is usually for medical issues, we are able to bill insurance with a referral from a medical doctor. With this system, we use different types of hair from European (fine and medium with a slight wave), Asian Remi (hair is more coarse than Indian hair but the most affordable)  and Indian Remi (texture is silky soft with soft waves).

During your consultation, we will fit you both to your hair loss case and lifestyle, and we will do a measurement of your head and select the texture type and length of hair that you like. The unit can be attached for chemo and alopecia patients (with adhesive and tapes) or clients with growth hair. With growth hair, it must be braided down and the unit combs can be sewn into the braids for more security.

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Integration System
This is designed for people with thinning hair and is used for the front or crown area. We will pull your own hair through the unit for a very natural look, and there is not a lot of sewing or braiding. This can be sewn or hand tied. Choose from different textures for your hair. Call Xclusive Hair Studio for an appointment.

Mens Hair Piece (Before and After)

Mens Hair Piece

Mens Hair Piece