Flawless Additions

Wefted Microlinks are natural and beautiful!! They also lasts up to three months.

Hair Weave Extensions

Hair Weave Extensions

Great technique for thin hair problems or for a longer lasting more natural & versatile look!


Microlinks is a great option to go with if you are looking for additional length,  volume or color without the use of glue or braids.


With the weft method, the hair is sewn onto the links to achieve a natural look with versatile style options


Individual microlinks  are achieved by connecting groups of your natural hair with the weave by usage of the links. Although slightly different from the weft method, individual microlinks still offer a natural look and numerous styling options. 

Keratin Infusion

Keratin Infusion comes in two different options hot fusion and cold fusion. This look gives you the ability to add length, color and still have a natural style. 

Tape Extensions

Tape-In is one of the newest methods. Stylist and clients love it because only take about an hour to install. The attachment points of the tape-in method are seamless and won't damage hair. 


Clip-in is another awesome way to add length and have versatile style options. The hair is installed via a clip and it is very easy to maintain

Hair Extension Image

Hair Extension Image

Hair Extension Image

Hair Extension Image

Easy clip in hair we can customize for you. Any color,texture and length!!!

Hair Fusion Strand-by-Strand

Add fullness length or highlights to your hair with fusion. We use pre-dipped keratin tips because it is healthier for your hair and doesn't damage like acrylic does. It can be applied and removed easily without damage or hair stress. During the consultation, you will have to put 25% of the service fee down. We will then order your hair and set up an appointment for the actual weave application. Make your appointment today.

Hair Fusion Strand-by-Strand


Sew-in Weave

We can do braiding for partial sew to add fullness (only add a few tracks) or for a full sew to add length and fullness. The full sew in is done with the whole head braided, and we use a closure (great for natural hair). Also you can leave out hair to make it a more natural part. Wear the sew in for up to 2 months. Come in for regular visits for shampoo, relaxers, colors, and perms.

Seamless Extensions

Hair Model

Our unique hair extension system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving or braiding, and no chemicals and no messy removal. This system offers a completely seamless extension with no bumps, and is comfortable for our clients. This is extension is ideal for people with thinner hair or for those who want to length or volume, or to add highlights without the chemicals. The seamless hair extensions are custom-made so you can have the color or texture you need.

Hair Image

(Quick) Weave

Want that natural luscious hair style without the braiding and sewing? Then Pronto...also known as "quick weave" is the ticket to what you  desire. Quick weaves place no extra pull or tug on the hair and you get the look you want in less the time of other weaves and with a lower cost. Check out  the slide show below to see the transformation that you to can achieve!

Hair Weave Extensions