Xclusive Eyelash Rules



These little hairs have a lot of power.  Listed are some do's and don't with this service. 

(1). In order for you to get lashes you must have some lashes (extra charge to build foundation)

(2). Remembering you have them on is the biggest key to making them last two weeks at least.

(3). Extreme water & heat are the enemies with artificial lashes. [a] no extended hot showers? take baths if possible. [b] let the steam/heat rise out of the pot or oven first then check the food. [c] wash the face not the lashes? use a Q-tip to clean around the eyes.

(4). Do everything extra cute, i.e. SLEEPING, LAUGHING , & CRYING.

(5). When you want them off use a combination of olive oil & a warm/hot compress over the eyes and massage off the artifice lash and leave your lashes on.

(6). Try not to get  addicted, allow your lashes to breath in between sessions a couple of days is sufficient a eek would be better, health before beauty.